How to Build a Video Webcast Studio

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When I built my first webcast studio for product demos, interviews, and podcasting, I felt that my previous career in photography would have positioned me well enough that setting up a video webcasting studio would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong!

Even with my strong experience with digital media tech, I found myself against one surprise after another; equipment not playing well together, other equipment that I had to buy and learn that I had no idea existed, software that needed to be programmed… it seemed like an endless journey of trial-and-error. In fact, to get my studio exactly the way I wanted it tool almost an entire year of repeated configuring and reconfiguring!

That’s why I built this guide: to lessen the learning curve for others by providing a blueprint minus all of the time-sucking rabbit holes that I found myself in as I created what I now call the Chatta Studio.

This 14 page guide outlines every piece of equipment that I use to build my signature webcast studio. While everyone’s needs are different, this will give aspiring webcasters a good start. And I’m always here if you need help fine-tuning your setup.

To your success!

Mark Cafiero



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