Yes, podcasting has a tremendous place in your marketing strategy! For the first time ever, customers welcome your content into their personal time; at the gym, in their car, on vacation, and during idle moments… as long as they can access it easily without having to stare at a computer screen.

Probably the biggest myth about podcasting is that a successful podcast is defined by the size of it’s subscribing audience.  For those in the podcasting business for entertainment, this may be true, however for business podcasting, the key is to tailor your podcasting content to meet the needs of your specialized audience. What’s also important is the quality of your audible content; voices should come through clean and crisp, with no background ‘white noise’, no echo, no variability in volume, and a consistent listening experience from one episode to the next.

Chatta has all of the professional audio equipment that you need to stand out from the sea of smartphone-quality recordings; Shure SM7B mics, pre-amps, mixers, and high-output recording devices are some of the necessary parts required for professional recordings.

ChattaBox (coming soon) gives you the opportunity to pop in with a guest and get a nice, clean recording. If flying your guest out from out of town is not practical, we can bring them in via Skype or RingCentral, and dial in their audio to fit appropriately, giving you effective virtual interviews that don’t sound like you’re listening through an empty auditorium!

ChattaMobile and ChattaBuild (available now) offers you the convenience of professional podcasting by bringing the podcast studio to your office or events (such as trade shows or other off-site locations).

At as little as $30 per recording, Chatta helps businesses build modern content efficiently.  Call us for more information.

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