Don’t let live-streaming anxieties get the best of you! Your audience appreciates seeing the uncensored side of your business.  Live streaming can be complicated, especially when you’re trying to do it right; with professional camera and audio equipment.  It requires finicky encoders and solid internet connections, but when done right, you can expect amazing engagement from your audience and reach new prospects all during a single production.

These broadcasts make for exciting content, whether you plan ahead and market your live event in advance, or show up with an impromptu interview. Here’s the great news: Just like pre-recorded content, livestreams can also be recorded, used later in interactive simu-live webinars, added to your YouTube channel, short teaser clips pushed through your social media channels, and even the audio can be pushed through your podcast. If you haven’t noticed already, this is a content management theme that we follow here at Chatta. There is a special formula where a single broadcast can not only be repurposed several times over, providing you with up to a month’s worth of valuable content, but strategically managed, the content can actually be used to promote the same content.  Just one example, teaser clips can be used to promote a rerun of the full webcast or a blog post.

Live streaming is especially valuable when businesses have a special announcement to make. Acquisitions, new product announcements or upgrades, impromptu interviews, especially at events such as trade shows, conventions… all make for incredible opportunities to go live and interact and share exciting news with your community.

Live streaming events require a lot of coordination, so give us a call if you’ve got an idea for a pro-quality live streaming production.

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