Picture Day: Not Just For Kids

Add Headshot Photography To Your Tenant Amenities


Elevate Your Tenant Amenities With Monthly Headshots Services.

With the emergence of full-service startup workplace communities like WeWork, larger corporate office buildings are also beginning to elevate their concierge services to larger, more developed business clients. From shoe shine and dry-cleaning services, to modernized kitchen and break room facilities, corporate office buildings are just beginning to scratch the surface of what additional value-add amenities can be offered to attract more paying tenants.

Why Monthly?

Understanding that businesses often strive to maintain a current repository of employee headshot photos (for web site ’Team’ pages, and other PR materials), bringing a photographer in periodically is often a costly and inconvenient process that involves finding a photographer, coordinating employee schedules, and making space for the photographer to set up. It is very difficult to ensure that all employees will be available at the same time for a shoot, and remote employees often miss out. Finally, new hires missing a previous shoot, often must wait to get their headshots updated.

Who's The Photographer?


Denver photographer, Mark Cafiero, is a seasoned veteran in the photography industry who has founded and operated several operations, from a nationwide family photography franchise, to ‘daily deal’ photo fieldtrips course with 36 locations nationwide and online education platform. He is a world-traveled wedding photographer who operated two full-service photo studios in Scottsdale, AZ and Denver, CO who was a preferred vendor at the St. Regis, Aspen CO, The Arizona Biltmore, and Castello di Modanella, Siena, IT to name a few.

Most recently, Mark served as a Director of Marketing Strategy for one of Inc. Magazine’s ‘Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies’, a SaaS company serving residential real estate agents. During his tenure, demand for modern headshot photography kept his entrepreneurial energy alive, and quickly began planning a concept to cater to Denver office facilities.

This is Not Your Kids Picture Day Service.

Office environment expectations are evolving, thanks to the trends being set by shared office spaces. Set a trend of your own and let us bring modern headshots photography to your building every month.

Value Add For Tenants

Years ago, marketing experts predicted the emergence of video marketing, and today we find ourselves welcoming YouTube into our smart TVs that used to be limited to news and sitcoms. The same audible content keeps us company while traveling and working out. If you think this is just a short-lived trend, think again. Video and audio is now officially the king of content, and everyone needs to jump on board.

Modern Looks

Managing a content calendar used to be painstaking, tedious work. Marketers tend to be creative over strategic, which makes the true management of content distribution an exhausting task for even the most right-brained marketing pros. Chatta offers full-service content management, so all you need to do is show up and record an amazing interview, product demo, or webinar. We'll take your content and push it through all of your channels for optimal, targeted exposure.

Fast Turnaround

Especially for software companies, seeing your product in action benefits both consumers and sales teams alike. Chatta is unique in this regard, giving product demos the combination of camera-to-screenshare capabilities, with professional audio. In marketing, we know that how you showcase your product affects consumer attitudes and opinions. Show your audience the level of quality that your business deserves.

Box, Build & Mobile

Chatta Broadcast studios come in three formats: ChattaBox is the brick & mortar studio that we're currently fundraising to support. Our goal is to give you a convienient place to drop in and record amazing content. Chatta Build puts a studio permanently in your office; we'll work with you to build the perfect studio. Finally, you can think of ChattaMobile as a studio that you arent. We'll set it up at your place or meet you at events, for as long as you need it.

How we work.


Broadcast Type

There are several ways to record your rich-media content. We offer everything you need to go live with your production, even when your guests are coming in virtually! Recorded video content is also available and puts less pressure on your performance, and finally, podcasts offer an audio-only experience for your audience. Want all three? No problem; that's our most popular selection.


Studio Configuration

Three options, here - come in to our Denver Studio (*coming soon), arrange to have Chatta bring it to your office or event, or, let's work together - Chatta broadcasting experts will work with you to design the perfect studio of your own. We'll even train your staff to use it like a pro.



Chatta offers one-time drop-in rates, as well as monthly and annual plans. Final step is to get your 'cast locked into our calendar!

Tell us about your needs!

Value Add for Tenants

A Truly Convenient Service

Most professionals feel that their headshots are either poor or dated. Finding a headshot photographer is traditionally just enough of a hassle that they get put on the backburner.

Modern Backdrops

Deviating From The Old, Dated Stuff

Simply put: there are far too many headshots that resemble our high school yearbook photos. Our headshots are clean, tasteful modern and work well in a variety of platforms. Showcase your team with the credibility they deserve!

Fast Turnaround

Proofs In 24 Hours

Not only do your tenants enjoy fast turnaround with proofs from their session, office space providers love that our studio is setup and torn down with just an hour’s time. This enables us to relocate quickly as needed.