B&H Photo vs. Amazon: Why B&H Deserves Your Business

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We love B&H over Amazon. Here’s why!

Amazon Prime is fast, consistent, and we all know that Amazon is on an aggressive mission to take over the world.

B&H Photo on the other hand, is not always as quick to get products in your hands (maybe you’ll have to wait an extra day with standard shipping). Sometimes, B&H closes suddenly for long Jewish holidays. 

I’ve been ordering my webcast/podcast studio and camera gear through B&H for decades; long before Amazon even existed. And I continue to do so, despite my own affinity for Amazon, which is my go-to place for just about everything else, from broccoli sprouts to watch bands, etc.

So why the loyalty to B&H? It’s simple. B&H Photo simply has the best customer service around. And if you’re ever shopping for equipment, their pre-sales support is no exception.

Specifically, as we set out to build our own DIY webinar or podcast studios, we’re dealing with a LOT of equipment that require careful configuration. Often, gear doesn’t work as it should, nor does it play nice with others. For example, imagine forking out thousands of dollars to get the best camera that you’ve heard so much hype about, a Canon 1DX, just to find that the live mode doesn’t offer an option to disable the camera settings overlay, leaving you with a bunch of clutter over your live streaming picture.

This is just one example of all of the dozens of intricacies you’ll find when putting together your own DIY studio.  On that note, remember that I’ve written up a 14-page guide that will show you every piece of equipment that make up my signature ‘Chatta Studio’ – click here for that.

B&H has invested heavily into their support team, and they can keep you from making these mistakes. When signing up for a support chat, you’ll be routed to an expert on the exact type of equipment you’re looking for: audio, video, lighting, etc. and they’ve rarely let me down with poor advice.

Sure, a smart way to shop might be to head to B&H first, get the pre-sales support you need, then head over to Amazon and make your purchase to get it a day faster. I do not subscribe to this method of shopping because I prefer to support the company who goes out of their way to help me out.

Even if (or, probably ‘when’) Amazon starts offering this type of pre-sales support, same day drone shipping, frequent buyer rewards or whatever… I’m going to do everything I can to resist the urge and stay loyal to B&H; I just feel they deserve to stay in business despite the Amazon culture that’s surely hitting them hard these days.

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