The Next Denver Webinar Studio: Right Across The Hall From Your Desk

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How many times have you found yourself poking around your competitors YouTube channel, only to find that they’re beating you with better video content?

For those of you who can proudly celebrate that your competition’s YouTube content is also ‘just average’, count your blessings… and your seconds.  Because video content is evolving, and fast! Take advantage of this rare moment in time to become your own leader in video content marketing.

Become the competitor that your colleagues look at with envy; not the other way around! 

Stand out in your industry with a better video channel.

It’s far too easy to become complacent with your YouTube content. The biggest reason marketers are slow to move is because they lack resources, and of course, the CEO needs you to show them that better video content produces ROI (and how do you prove this when you don’t yet have the better video content). Finally – you don’t want to admit that you don’t have the technical know-how to build an elaborate media room!

It’s OK! You’re not alone. In fact, I was in that exact position years ago.

The first Chatta studio…

I remember having a real desire to improve our webinar experience.  At the time, we were running WebEx / webcam / death-by-powerpoint presentations. The presentations looked, felt, and sounded so archaic, and for all I knew, I could have been watching these presentations on a dialup connection 10 years ago. I couldn’t believe that this was the quality that we were accepting post-year-2000, and as a marketer with a background in photography, it was too hard to bear.

One day out of desperation, I googled to find a Denver Webinar Studio. Not much existed and I knew that shuttling our team members and guest presenters to a recording studio in downtown Denver was neither efficient use of our time, nor an enjoyable field trip.

I eventually managed to win over my manager and our CMO to give me the money I needed to build our own webinar studio.

I’ll skip over the joy of getting my first studio configured (it took several months of trial-and-error), and I promise I’ll tell that story in another blog post to come. But eventually, it happened; we had a working recording studio that boasted three pro DSLRs shooting video, dimmable LED lights, top of the line microphones, audio mixer, a switcher, and an encoder for streaming live. My colleagues walked by our media room, pausing in admiration of this incredible content production room. It was a great feeling.

The First Chatta Studio, v1.0, Denver Tech Center, Colorado

How to prove ROI with your video content marketing strategy.

For the CEO who’s demanding to see your ROI, as marketers, we understand that this is a loaded question; that most marketing assets rarely directly influence a conversion, but rather are part of a more complex tapestry of orchestrated events that, over the course of several months, finally leads to a sale.

If you are faced with a CEO looking for ROI, it’s best to take control of the conversation, and look at the costs of your conversions and continue to educate him/her about how marketing works. Use this conversation to shift focus to the savings made when you build a strategy around repurposing content. 

The art of content marketing: repurposing great content.

Are you currently outsourcing your blog writing, eBooks, social media content, video production? Does your company have a content strategy in place that manages all of these assets? Surprisingly, outside of a basic content calendar, most businesses do not have a complete content strategy at all.

Chatta’s Studio Build services always come with consulting that will enable your marketing team to dramatically increase your content efficiency with our 4-Month Content Stack Method of taking video content and repurposing it over the course of four months to reach every single marketing channel with strategic timing.  This graphic gives you a high-level snapshot of how that works. 


The general benefit: FOUR months of content from a single video production. No more hiring additional blog writers or social media managers. Once marketing teams understand how to easily repurpose video content throughout all of your channels, your content strategy suddenly produces more content with less work.

The many benefits of having your own media room…

When I built our first media room, the original intent was just to improve our webinar experience. What we didn’t expect was the long line of other teams hoping to get keys into the studio.

Our product team quickly saw an opportunity to bypass a costly video production team to build product and software demos and training videos. Sales leaders and trainers wanted to use the studio to build powerful enablement assets. And any time a client was in town, they were almost always led into the media room to capture a quick video testimonial. 

Having your own media room enables every team within your company to build professional grade video content on the fly; from idea to finished product, sometimes in as little as one hour.

Get up and running faster with Chatta.

This is just scratching the surface of how Denver businesses will benefit by having their own webcast studio / media room in your own office. Interested in learning more? Join me in my next webinar! I’ll be answering all of your questions. 

Or… you can always reach me personally by clicking here.

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