Businesses with their own rich media studios have the luxury of recording professional video content on the fly. Even better, this video content can be repurposed over and over again, expanding your content reach from a single product demo or webinar production; to your podcast channel, transcribed into blog posts, social media content, and more. Content marketing doesn't need to require a full time staff.

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Great Content Begins In The Studio

Live & Simulive Webcast

Our place (ChattaBox) or yours (ChattaMobile)! Don’t subject your audience to death by Webex. Our three-camera, professionally produced live events are streamed or recorded with precision every time. No more tears.


The fastest growing form of content of today. Now your audience will welcome your content on their personal time; at the gym, on a walk, or on an airplane. Jump in, the water’s exhilarating!

Studio Build Services

Interested in having a studio built inside your own office? We’ll help you configure your own studio with the right equipment, build, and train you to become your own rich media powerhouse.

Content Consulting

Now you’ve got amazing content! But what are you going to do with it all? We’ll slice and dice, transcribe and push your content through all of your channels. Relax. You’re in great hands.



We offer two tiers of studio service to marketing professionals:


We'll bring the broadcast to you! All the professional equipment to your own location.  Essentially this is a rental option with the perks of having us there with you to set up properly.  We'll even be there for your first broadcast or recording as a minimum and train your staff accordingly.



Per Hour
  • Pro Audio
  • Single Camera
  • Multi Camera
  • ScreenShare
  • Post Editing
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  • Pro Audio
  • Single Camera
  • Multi Camera
  • ScreenShare
  • Post Editing
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Clients receive concierge-style studio build assistance. With this service, our founder, Mark Cafiero will meet with you personally for a free consultation to assess your needs and will recommend and order equipment, set up in your very own media room, train your staff, and sit in on your first live or recorded broadcast.

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Every job starts with a free, personal consultation.

Plan on meeting for about 45 minutes. During this time, we'll get a handle on your needs, goals, and objectives to determine the right setup for your business.

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Media Room Benefits

Rich Media Content

Remember when we'd all sit down and watch sitcoms on our television sets? Years ago, marketing experts predicted the emergence of video marketing, and today we find ourselves welcoming work-related video into our smart TVs. The same audible content keeps us company while traveling and working out. If you think this is just a short-lived trend, think again. Video and audio is now officially the king of content, and everyone needs to jump on board.


Managing a content calendar used to be painstaking, tedious work. Marketers tend to be creative over strategic, which makes the true management of content distribution an exhausting task for even the most right-brained marketing pros. Chatta offers full-service content management, so all you need to do is show up and record an amazing interview, product demo, or webinar. We'll take your content and push it through all of your channels for optimal, targeted exposure.

Demos & Sales Enablement

Especially for software companies, seeing your product in action benefits both consumers and sales teams alike. Chatta is unique in this regard, giving product demos the combination of camera-to-screenshare capabilities, with professional audio. In marketing, we know that how you showcase your product affects consumer attitudes and opinions. Show your audience the level of quality that your business deserves.

Box, Build & Mobile

Chatta Broadcast studios come in three formats: ChattaBox is the brick & mortar studio that we're currently fundraising to support. Our goal is to give you a convienient place to drop in and record amazing content. Chatta Build puts a studio permanently in your office; we'll work with you to build the perfect studio. Think of ChattaMobile as a studio that you can rent, wherever your broadcast needs take you. We'll set it up at your place or meet you at events, for as long as you need it.

The Webcast Studio Blueprint: How to Build a VIDEO Podcast studio

When I built my first webcast studio for product demos, interviews, and podcasting, I felt that my previous career in photography would have positioned me well enough that setting up a video webcasting studio would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong!

Even with my strong experience with digital media tech, I found myself against one surprise after another; equipment not playing well together, other equipment that I had to buy and learn that I had no idea existed, software that needed to be programmed... it seemed like an endless journey of trial-and-error. In fact, to get my studio exactly the way I wanted it took almost an entire year of repeated configuring and reconfiguring!

That's why I built this guide: to lessen the learning curve for others by providing a blueprint minus all of the time-sucking rabbit holes that I found myself in as I created what I now call the Chatta Studio.

This 14 page guide outlines every piece of equipment that I use to build my signature webcast studio. While everyone's needs are different, this will give aspiring webcasters a good start. And I'm always here if you need help fine-tuning your setup.

To your success!
Mark Cafiero


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Founder, Mark Cafiero

Mark Cafiero

Some people recognize Mark Cafiero's name as a featured case study in The 4-Hour Workweek, but most who know Mark professionally know that his true passion of today involves scaling great content through several channels, stemming from a single webcast recording.

He has started up several businesses since earning his B.A. in Marketing and most recently served as the Director of Marketing Strategy for a SaaS (CRM) business in Denver, Colorado

In his personal life, you can usually find Mark in the Colorado mountains: skiing, trail running, cycling, or camping with his wife and two kids.